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Today’s strategic biopharma HR leader must be equipped with the right tools to pivot strategy at any moment in the midst of industry turbulence whilst continuing to deliver on business-critical

Designed by CHROs and for CHROs, this interactive session will allow you to develop the essential skills required to be a more strategic leader in your biotech organization with a focus on the high-level
decision-making that is crucial to the CHRO Role.

As the only place for biopharma Heads of HR to come together and network, join this Breakfast Deep Dive and gain access to a combination of thought leader perspectives and facilitated discussions
between C-level HR leaders and leave with connections, insights, and innovative ideas you can immediately implement to tackle the top challenges facing CHROs in 2024 and beyond.

The Strategic Biotech CHRO

7:15 am Registration & Hot Breakfast

7:30 am Panel Discussion: Refreshing the Toolkit For the CHRO During Times Of Turbulence To Enhance Agility & Thrive

  • Anna O’Driscoll Chief People Officer, Cellarity
  • Dianne Whitfield Chief Human Resources Officer, Tarsus Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Jack Kyte Vice President & Head of Human Resources, Vedanta Biosciences Inc
  • Matt Krause Senior Vice President Human Resources, Maze Therapeutics


  • What are the top challenges specific to the CHRO role that we are facing in 2023 & beyond?
  • How should we manage communications with employees effectively when it comes to pay transparency and compensation?
  • What more can we do to navigate our business successfully and be prepared for periods of turbulence?
  • How can we ensure that we continue to stay agile and pivot in time of turbulence to keep our organisations stable & stay ahead of the curve?

8:15 am Discover:Collaborating With Your CEO: The Success Story from Dewpoint Therapeutics to Advance Communication & Transform Engagement


  • What more can we do to promote employee engagement and retain our critical biopharma talent whilst also ensuring we are enhancing opportunities for personal & professional development?
  • Advancing transparency and open communication on all levels to ensure a level of effectiveness and to connect employees to your business goals
  • Best practices and learnings from a collaborative working environment with a transparent & open communication strategy for transformed employee engagement

8:35 am Develop: What More Can We Learn From the HR Leaders Levelling Up Their Communications and Collaboratively Effectively With Their CEO?

8:50 am Action: What More Can You Do To Enhance Collaboration and Communication at Your Emerging Biopharma Organisation?


Output Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

9:10 am End of Breakfast Deep Dive