As the biotech industry experiences one of the most challenging and volatile industry markets to date, for those working in HR in emerging biotech organizations, there is a need to rethink strategy, turbocharge culture and drive essential business operations.

This Breakfast Deep Dive is designed to focus on the best practice strategies for emerging biotech organizations navigating a period of business scale, with best practices and learnings on maintaining employee engagement and using this as a retention tool, redefining the crucial organizational efficiencies needed to succeed
in a turbulent industry.

Turbocharging Culture & Re-aligning Business Objectives During Periods of Scale

7:15 am Registration & Hot Breakfast

7:30 am Discover:Transforming Culture & Re-aligning Business Objectives During Periods of Scale


  • How can we identify the core capabilities needed to keep your emerging biopharma organisation afloat & reaching towards those business goals?
  • How can we use employee engagement as a tool for retention whilst simultaneously navigating a period of business scale?
  • Redefining the crucial organisational efficiencies needed to succeed and strategies to maintain high levels of employee engagement as a tool for retention

7:50 am Discover:Turbocharging Culture and Driving Consistency During Periods of Business Scale


  • What strategies can we employ to assess the underlying motivations of our people?
  • How can we effectively integrate those drivers into our values, organizational strategy, and culture?
  • How has Ikena used this approach to cultivate a differentiated culture, attract new talent, and maintain engagement throughout its evolution?

8:10 am Develop What More Can We Learn From the HR Leader Redefining Crucial Organisational Efficiencies Needed to Thrive In Industry Turbulence?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Focus Day Chair

8:30 am Action: What Are You Now Going to Do to Elevate Your HR Strategy When Navigating Industry Turbulence? Output


Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

8:45 am Panel Discussion: Navigating The Phases of Organizational Evolution In Times of Scale And Uncertainty: What Does This Look Like For Your Emerging Biopharma Organization?


  • How can we think about scale and navigate the evolution of our emerging biopharma organisations in times of uncertainty?
  • What are the unique challenges facing HR leaders in emerging biopharma organisations during these phases of organisational evolution?
  • How do you continue to motivate and engage your biopharma workforce during times of change/evolution? 
  • Best practices, learnings and advice from HR leaders in emerging biotechs navigating their own organizational evolution

9:15 am End of Breakfast Deep Dive