About Event

The Only Event Designed Exclusively for CHROs and CPOs of Pre-Commercial Biopharma HR Leaders to Rethinking How to Build the Change-Proof, Scalable Talent Strategies to Accelerate Their Organization from Discovery to Development & Beyond 


Built exclusively for the most senior HR leader at the heart of an emerging biopharma organization, this meeting will cover: 


Rethinking HR in a Pre-Commercial Biotech to Give you a Competitive Advantage in a Turbulent Life Sciences Industry: Exploring why HR in a start-up environment needs to be nimble and adaptable and how to leverage the HR function to be strategic and operational 


How to Develop Your People Leaders as Your Organization Rapidly Grows: Ensuring HR is seen as a strategic function within your small biotech business and ensuring you are developing your people leaders effectively as your organization grows 


Become a Strategic Leader and Executing Strategic Workforce Planning: How to set up core processes and systems in order to consolidate key HR functions and delving into the scope of the role of HR leader in a biopharma start-up 


Reimagining Your Talent Acquisition Function in Order to Develop a Scalable Framework: How HR can have an impact and enhance the experience of each employee by designing an HR function that can support huge growth in start-up businesses 

The LEAP Event Format

We believe the traditional conference format is not fit for purpose, so we’ve ripped it up and started from scratch. When you looked inside the agenda, you will have seen three main types of session:




  • Hear back-to-back presentations from truly disruptive biopharma HR leaders sharing the stories of what they’re doing to maximize the impact of their business or indeed take a ‘LEAP’.
  • Have your burning questions answered in a room full of your peers and move beyond the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ to get to the ‘how’.
  • Work with your team to set a clear, bespoke action plan of what you are going to change when you get back to your business to ensure you get a fast ROI.

Find out about the LEAP HR Life Sciences experience: