Action Roundtable Sessions

Time: 2:00 pm
day: Day One


Download the event guide for full session details

Join one of four roundtable discussions, led by our expert moderators, for a 30-minute interactive deep-dive discussion on the following topics:

  • Thinking Differently About Talent: Who, Where and How Will You Find & Attract the Talent Your Small Business Needs?

Moderator: Tim Oyer, Vice President, RPO Solutions, Advanced RPO

  • How Are You Going to Challenge Traditional Thinking Around Culture & Engagement in Order to Thrive in a Remote-Working World?

Moderator: Tonushree Mondal, President, Tonushree Mondal Consulting

  • What Will You Do to Ensure Your Organization’s Brand & Message Stands Out in a Crowded Biopharma Talent Market?

Moderator: Lisa Hazen, Founder & Principal, StoriTel®

  • What Will You Now Do to Help Develop the Future Leaders Your Biopharma Business Needs?

Moderator: Melissa Halstead, Talent and Development Strategist, Claria Partners